Monday, October 01, 2012

You May Have Heard Me On….

It seems I've been completely remiss in letting you all know that I have been on a podcast. In fact, I've been on several podcasts. No, not several different podcasts; but several episodes of Jeff Greiner's The Tome Show. I shall endeavor to be more prompt in keeping you informed in the future, but just to catch you all up, here are the episodes I'm on which have been published so far:

Tome Show Book Club: Death Mark

This is my podcasting debut. Jeff knew I'm a big Dark Sun fan, because, well, I don't really keep that a secret! So when it came time for he and Tracy Hurley to review a Dark Sun novel, he naturally thought I'd be a good fit. It could also have something to do with me mentioning being interested 30 or 40 times. On this episode I guested with Robert Adducci to discuss a book I really enjoyed.

Tome Show Book Club: D&D Comics 2

In this show I guested with Eric Paquette to discuss Nentir Vale, Eberron, and Forgotten Realms comics with Jeff & Tracy. I'm not a huge comic fan, but I do find them convenient to read on my iPad using ComiXology. I really enjoyed the Nentir Vale & Eberron comics, but not so much the Forgotten Realms. The Dark Sun comics were not covered, as none of us thought those were any good. 

Tome Show Book Club: Spinner of Lies

On this show I guested solo--just the three of us chatting about this book. I almost didn't make it, and feel that it is to date my worst outing. But with some magical editing, the episode turned out pretty good despite me feeling off. At least part of the problem is I didn't particularly enjoy the book that much. It wasn't a bad book, just not my style. Another part was car problems.

The Tome Show 200: We Play A Game!

This is my first, and so far only, non-Book Club appearance. It was also an honor for me, as it was a special episode commemorating the 200th milestone, and I was in the company of the awesome Randal Walker, the equally awesome Brian Patterson, and the also awesome Fred Hurley, along with Jeff and Tracy. Tracy runs us through a fun, quick, quasi-D&D adventure, in which much fun was had. I think it is very obvious that this is the first time I ever played a game on-line. If not, then let me tell you: this is the first time I ever played a game on-line.

In addition to those four episodes, I've also guested on an additional two Book Clubs which have yet to be released, and am on-deck for at least one more. I have had a lot of fun doing these episodes, and they've got me thinking about other projects I'd like to do. What do you think, would you like to hear more of me?

In closing, if any of you have listened to any of these, I'd very much appreciate hearing any (constructive) criticism you may have either in the comments below, or catch me on my current favorite hang-out: Twitter