Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vivaki of Shoubor

This weekend I start playing 4E D&D game with a new group of players, run by the host of The Tome Show, Jeff Greiner. In preparation I have created my character, an 11th-level Goliath Great Weapon Fighter named Vivaki. This is his background:

The Goliath tribe of the Shoubor led a secluded existence in the southern Sunrise Mountains for many generations. The Shoubor kept to themselves, hunting and gathering for all their needs, with little need to contact the outside world.

This all changed when, during his 14th cycle, Vivaki, eldest son of the tribal chief, returned to his settlement after undertaking his first solo hunt to find it in ruins and his people gone without a trace. With no clue as to what happened to his people, Vivaki ventured out into the world in hopes of finding answers.

It wasn't long before he was captured by slavers and sold to a wealthy merchant as a body-guard. Seeing he had a natural affinity for the glaive, he was trained to use the weapon by the best trainers money could buy. His will broken for the time being, he made a fine body-guard for his master, and was little trouble.

Many years passed, and Vivaki grew strong in both weapon prowess and will. He never forgot his tribe, quietly vowing to himself that he would one day discover their fate. He also grew increasingly reluctant to follow the orders of his master. He learned more and more about his master's criminal that he found personally detestable.

One night while camped in the forest, his master's small party was ambushed by a group of adventurers. They demanded his master submit to justice. At this time Vivaki was head of the guard, and easily the best fighter of the party. He figured he could win the battle, but knew his master was guilty of the crimes he was accused of.

He decided this was his chance. Rather then defend his master, Vivaki turned his glaive on his master and added his voice to that of the adventurer's. The other guards would not lift a finger against Vivaki, knowing he could best them all at once. Having no other choice, his now former master surrendered.

Vivaki then spent a few years wandering with this new group, until he grew tired of their seemingly single-minded obsession with wealth. Parting ways with them amicably, he set out to find a new group, one that could possibly help him find the fate of his people.

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  1. Nice backstory bit. I really like how the adventurers seem like do-gooders, but turn out to just be the regular old treasure-seekers.